Day 3

vegas.jpgIt has been a bit of a challenging start to our long planned road trip. Eli has a case of pneumonia (in his 8 years he has never had more than a mild fever). The last few days of prep for the trip were quite hectic between doctor visits and packing up while Michael was busy with trial prep so I was on my own with it all. Ultimately we have decided it is best for Eli to stay home until he is much more recovered while Shayna and I get started on the trip. So, Monday afternoon, we started the first leg to Vegas, where we were so happy to land at the Serenco’s for the night. It was nice to have a homemade dinner and beds, just easing our way into the van life.

Yesterday we had one of our longest drive of the trip from Vegas to Salt Lake City where we stayed in an RV park for the night. Our first night cooking and sleeping in the Jucy Van. We LOVE having the fridge, which allows us to stock any foods we want. The challenges to the van are keeping organized in our very small space, but it is fairly easy to set up and clean up the beds. We are quickly figuring out a routine.

Today we drove from SLC to Jackson Hole, We have a private camp site right on the snake river.


On the way we found a fun water slide complex in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho and took a break to swam and slid for awhile.

lava hot springs.jpg

It has been a lot of driving and not much site seeing. Tomorrow will be much more eventful as we drive through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. We are looking forward to wandering through the parks.