Day 42: Half way!

We hit the halfway point of our travels. Good time to take a break! We had a lovely morning with my cousin Greg, his wife Wendy and their daughter Lilah. They actually live just a 7 minute walk from where we were staying. We had a delicious brunch and lots of time to chat. Shayna really wanted to see the Philadelphia zoo, which is the oldest zoo in the country, (opened 1874) so I took the girls while Greg and Wendy had some down/catch up time.


Despite the 90 degree heat, the girls and I had a nice time. Some of the animals were actually out and about.


We were able to see most of the animals in just a couple hours. You definitely could identify some of the original enclosures that were made of stone. Not sure if they actually kept the animals contained back in the day.

The next day was a travel day. We had intended to go to an Underground Railroad museum before leaving town, but double checked just before we left and realized it was not open on Mondays. We were so disappointed. Bad planning on my part. However, the smart planning came with our move to Washington DC. In Philadelphia we studied the formation of the US government and in Washington we will get to see it action.

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