Day 45: The Branches continued. . .

Today we continued with our tour of the Branches of Government. We had to be up and out early for our 8:30 tour of the White House. (We were through it and back by 9:30.) It took as long to go through security as it did to go through the House. You get to see the first floor of the East wing. We saw the Green, Red, Blue and Yellow rooms, the dining room, the library and the china room.


Our next stop was the Supreme Court. They are not in session, so not even a chance to see any action. We watched a short video (there is always a film). Then we sat in on a 30 minute talk about how the Supreme court works, but we got to sit in the courtroom. We spent a few minutes looking at the displays. I think Shayna enjoyed the special exhibit on Sandra Day O’Conner since she has read about her.


Our afternoon activity was the National Museum of African American History. How did we get tickets? We logged onto the website this morning before we left and got same day online tickets. No problem! Or just really good luck!

We spent almost 3 hours at the museum and still did not get to all of the displays. We made it through most of the historical exhibits. This museum visit officially begins the transition to our “unit” on Civil War and Civil Rights. It was a lot of information on a lot of issues. But it provided a thorough overview/introduction. As we start heading south on Monday we will be able to focus on specific highlights within those topics.


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