Day 27: Boston

We’ve hit the East Coast and completed the first third of the trip. We will spend the next third of the trip traveling through the Colony States focusing on Colonial history. (We are not going to hit all 13 states!)

We’ve started in Boston with a family reunion! Michael and Eli arrived Thursday night. We are staying with my Aunt Marilyn and her boyfriend Peter, or more like we have completely invaded and taken over their house.

While we were driving in from Albany on Friday, Michael and Eli had a chance to check out the USS Constitution.


We arrived mid-day and awaited their return. So great to be all together!

On Saturday we hit some Boston highlights. We started with Paul Revere’s house, the oldest structure in Boston, built around 1680.


Our time was limited so we walked through it fairly quickly so we would have time to run around the corner to Mike’s Pastry which has world renowned cannolis (this was not the first visit this trip by Eli and Michael) to grab a quick snack before our tour of Fenway Park.


Yes, Fenway does fit in with our travel theme, being the oldest baseball park in the country. We all greatly enjoyed the tour and knowing some of the history and details about the park made our game attendance that evening that much more meaningful.


Seeing a game in Fenway Park is definitely a different experience from Dodger Stadium. Fenway is much smaller (by about 20,000 seats), and the seats are all much closer to the field so you feel much more involved in the game. I could not help smiling every time the vendors yelled out “get your hot dogs here” in their Boston accents. There is a much more relaxed, laid back vibe than what you get with an LA crowd.


I am starting to really appreciate the different “cultures” in the various cities we’ve been to compared to LA. I can now see how non-LA-natives might view LA lifestyle and personality. The pros and cons of LA life are becoming clearer.

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