Day 28: Brandeis

Today was more about Michael’s history. We spent a couple hours walking around his alma mater Brandeis University.


It is a beautiful campus and quite different from the UC experience; the student population is only about 3,000. We walked all over campus but only saw a few students in any area, the library, the gym, the cafeteria, the chapels. Either the students were off campus, still sleeping, or it is just not that crowded with such a small population. The biggest crowd was in the student center. They were in the middle of putting together their annual 24 hour musical. The students find out at 8pm on Saturday the musical they are going to do (this year is it Seussical the Musical) and then have 24 hours to learn the music, design the costumes and scenery and have it ready to perform at 8pm on Sunday. They were so nice to take a few minutes to talk to us about the musical, the campus, their studies, etc. I was particularly impressed with their maturity, energy, and inter-personal skills (compared to some of my own experiences with college-aged students). I’d be happy to see my kids attend Brandeis, but by the time they are college age 4 years of tuition will cost as much as a small house in LA!

Later in the day we took advantage of the beautiful weather and did a little kayaking/paddling on the Charles River. Beautiful! Definitely something very different from LA life. I guess our equivalent is kayaking or paddling on the ocean, which is a bit rougher than being on a river or lake. P1010275.JPGP1010261.JPG


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