Day 31: Goodbye to Boston

It was difficult to decide what to do for our last day in Boston. So many options. We contemplated a whale watching tour, hop/on off trolley tour, or following one of he American Women’s Heritage Trail. We opted for the AWHT which started at the Capital. While in the Capital we saw that you could take a tour, so we decided to join a tour. We ended up with a group from Ireland so the tour guide focused on the many statues, murals and portraits of historical figures and events and provided a thorough discussion of the historical significance so it fit very well with our history focus.

boston capital.jpg

Afterward we were a little too tired and hungry to continue with our AWHT walk (we will resume it the next time we in Boston!) so decided to go over to Quincy Market for lunch. Afterward we walked down to the water and walked around the boardwalk. We then went home to make a special dinner for Marilyn and Peter and watched the Red Sox game.

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