Day 32: The Big Apple

Thursday was a travel day. We arrived in New York just around 4:00 so got to experience some NY traffic. After a week in NY I will never again complain about LA traffic!

We found our rental unit in Brooklyn. We are in an area called Bedford-Stuyvesant which is a traditionally  Jewish Orthodox area, but it is quite a mix of cultures. It is also known for its African American population, the owners of our unit are Puerto Rican while the area is becoming gentrified with Millennials.

We texted my nephew Diego who also lives in Brooklyn about dinner and he suggested a trendy Moroccan restaurant in a very trendy part of Brooklyn called Williamsburg. So, we bought our subway passes and took our first subway trip over to Williamsburg. We had great dinner and a lovely walk around the area. So much fun to be with Diego.


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