Day 35: NYC Tour

Sunday was a really special day. When I was researching for this trip, I found a woman in New York who conducts historical tours. Her company is called Patriot Tours: Patriot Tours.  When I contacted Karen, she offered to do a special tour for the kids (a bit shorter and focused than the adult version). I reached out to anyone I knew with kids in NY and we managed to pull together a small group for our tour.

NY tour.jpg

Ruth and Bailey are friends who used to live in Santa Monica, Melissa is one of my synchro teammates who happened to be in town and then Marika is the sister of our wonderful next door neighbor, and her son Clyde.

We had a great time together on our tour learning about revolutionary history in New York. I think the locals had a special appreciation of what we learned about since they have been walking the same paths as our forefathers from 200 years ago.  Of course, the tour had to include some Hamilton history.


We ended our tour with a quick stop at the Fearless Girl.

standing girls.jpg

Shayna and I had a very special evening planned. As part of Shayna’s ELA studies, we have doing a poetry unit, reading TS Elliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, studying the poems and listening to the music while following along with the poems. We concluded this poetry unit with a trip to see CATS. Shayna was so excited. We found a nice family owned Italian restaurant in the theater district, had our NY Italian food and went to see the play. Needless to say, Shayna loved it!


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