Day 37: Goodbye to NY

Our last day in NY started with a quintessential NY tourist agenda. First we tried to rush tickets for Come From Away which is a play about 9-11, but it was standing room only, so we passed on that idea. Then we had our NY bagel experience – they tasted just like the NY bagels in Santa Monica!

Yesterday was slated to be quite rainy so after surveying everyone we talked to about which museum to prioritize, we decided on the MET. I have never been in such a large museum. We were constantly trying to figure out where we were and how to get to the next room. We started with the Egyptian temple, then went to the American wing where we saw an assortment of Colonial era furniture and furnishings, but this was the high end stuff. Everything we have seen to date on our tours (Lincoln, Paul Revere, etc.) have been from poorer family homes so it was a nice comparison.

After seeing the American history related art, we checked out the modern art and of course the 20th century European artists (Monet, Manet, Renoir, etc.). There was no way we could see it all and spend any significant amount of time in any one area. I can see how New Yorker’s must love to just stop in on a weekend day to check out one or two exhibits, and just come back anytime for others.

the met.jpg

Afterward we met up with Ruth and Bailey for some more quality friend time. After a couple hours we had to say goodbye as they had evening plans. On our way to meet Diego for dinner we got to see all the diplomats leaving the UN for the evening.

We met Diego for some local ramen and decided to catch the subway at Grand Central Station for our last NY venue.grand 2.jpg

This week there was a special exhibit honoring women scientists and engineers. They were projecting some celestial designs and the women’s names on the ceiling of the station. It was really cool! (This picture was not staged – just good timing!)


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