Day 75: HOME!

After 1900 miles in 5 days we made it home mid-day on Friday. We are so happy to be back  (but tired).

We arrived home in time for Shayna to surprise her friends at her school’s annual Harvest Festival (Halloween Carnival). Sometimes coming home after a trip can be somewhat anti-climactic. But this was the perfect homecoming. We had just enough time to unload the car (because I knew we would be way too tired after the carnival.). I sent Shayna ahead in her disguise


and then I went over afterward. The kids had plenty of time to talk and play and I had a wonderful time catching up with the parents and some teachers.

We are thankful and grateful to have had such an incredible adventure, with very few “incidents”. As I stated before, I never could not have imagined how well it would work out.  It definitely was the opportunity of a lifetime that Shayna and I will continue to talk about and learn from. (Last night I started watching the 2008 miniseries John Adams with a whole new appreciation and understanding – and can even identify some of the historical inaccuracies!)

Again, a huge thank you to Michael for allowing us this adventure, to Eli for his patience and understanding, and to our other family members and friends who helped with the day to day, especially giving Eli some special care and attention while we were away.

Also a special thank you to all of the family and friends who hosted us while we were on the road. I cannot image what it would have been like to do this trip having no contact with familiar faces. It definitely made a huge difference to spend time with family and friends along the way.

Until the next adventure . . .

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